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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


wow! we made it! right into a NEW YEAR!

i really kinda stopped posting blogs sometime last year, with being  overrun by 20+ facebook pages i run, and  nearly that number of blogs as well, and a life, and health, and a kid, and other responsibilities, blogging got put on the back burner...and thats sad, altho i do have most of the events of my life in pictorial and folder format, i dont have much to say about them, because i neglected to blog about them...i make a resolution to..ATTEMPT (bes ti can do is try, lol) to keep it up this year. NO PROMISES, because ill get tired at some point, and push it off, and neglect it, and then another one, and another, until im nearly where i stand
but youll get what i can give, when i remember to give it.

and, i can TRY to post blog and  have those moments that i havnt posted up, this year as well...youll just have to remember, if your starting here to go and  review my life , that there may be blogs youll need to keep reminding yourself to go and read, id set up an RSS feed for yourself or sign up for email notification, and be notified when i DO post a new public post.

BLAH! what a gloomy day to do anything in...ugh. skys all gloomy grey, and theres NO sun..just what you can see in the sky as  cloud cover, and its bitter cold! took forever to get any winter here in Oklahoma, but man, when it came and arrived, it decided to remind us, that the warmth we suffer might not be so bad, lol

ice crystals on the car...its just cold enough to form ice crystals!

so today both craig and myself got up to do the LAST day of dogg sitting for the JEnsen family who went out of town, Daniel was supposed to be doing this job for a fee of 25$ but, guess whos getting the money? I AM, cause i need a new screen for my used Iphone  he got me (or  gave to me, as hes upgraded his).

these dogs sure, with very little effort hey could completely knock me down, the size of the paws alone is massive, nearly the entire size of my fist balled up, they are nearly the size of a small pony!
the black ones an adult, and the browner one is still a puppy! and he eats! MAN! DOES HE EAT! lol, he INHALES that bowl of food! lol
from these images looks like hes lost some wieght, not a ton, but i think its because we didnt leave food out for him all the time, like we do our own dogs, and hes on a schedule, 9am..1 bowl...if he can get some from the other he would, lol, but theres no real ribs showing and no spine, so he seems to be doing ok. we did as we were instructed. 9am 2 scoops of food. and water.

after that, i took my husband out for breakfast...the kid (daniel) was still sleeping when we left, so..he missed out, oh well! lol

so, my plans for today (and every day henceforth, as long as i have the energy and time) is to make sure i keep an updated blog for almost all these blogs. some i wont need to, very little talk or activity happens on them to even post anything more than images if i have any...

but others i intend to actually discuss TO THE NEW YEAR!!
i have a PC room i need to organize, so i can be creative with my doll making. :)
i may be back later to talk about that (on another blog).


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